Recent Annual 5k Walk on 12th September 2021

The Captain Francis O’ Neill Company wish to say a sincere Thank You!! to all those who attended in Trailbane for the Musical Sessions and the 5k Walk on Sunday 12th September 2021.

The weather wasn’t too favorable but that did not hinder the Patrons. Our thanks to all who attended on the day. A special thanks to all the Musicians who were present on the day. A big thank you to Gearoid Crowley who was available to transport all the musicians to and from Trailbane Bridge and back to the O’Neill Monument. Also thanks to Gordon Shannon who made one of his sheds available to host the Musicians to avoid the adverse weather conditions and most importantly keep the instruments dry. Thanks to all singers and Sean-Nos dancers who entertained on the day! Our deepest appreciation and thanks to Mr. and Mrs Alan Kingston of Glenillen Farm who once again supplied us with Yogurts & Lemonade

The Captain F. O’Neill Co. appreciate very much those who supported them on the Day.

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